Wednesday, August 17, 2016

CongratsTwinkie Man

Yep, the Twinkie man just paid 100 million bucks for the Playboy Mansion and it comes with a 90 year old Hugh Hefner until he passes away. The Twinkie man bought Hostess the maker of twinkies out of bankruptcy and returned Hostess products to the grocery store shelves. He lives next door to the mansion and his place was originally part of the original grounds before it was parceled off. He simply wants to restore it to it's original glamour. I caught a glimpse of the mansion in January as it is just off the UCLA Campus. I for one will buy some Twinkies this weekend and congrats on preserving some history.

Adele is sick and cancelled her Phoenix show tonight. We had talked about getting tickets for that show and stay in Scottsdale with Angela and John. Glad we didn't.

Those 3 dogs we looked at yesterday are gone already. Back to the drawing board and yes we did find some more!

John McLaughlin passed away yesterday. He was a Catholic priest who quit and became a political pundit. I'll leave it at that.

I watched a great Olympic race today. The 3000 meter steeplechase. Evan Jager from Algonguin, IL and attended UWM for college came through for the silver medal. Incidentally, I used to hold an invitational record at his high school track. Two of them actually but one race they discontinued. The other record was broken. Yep, by Evan Jager. Records are made to be broken but having it broke by an Olympic medalist makes me feel a bit better about it. Ok, only for a second now I'm pissed off again!


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