Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Some People Say

Krissy and I voted in the Wisconsin primary today. For some reason it was a difficult ballot to understand. I actually had to read the directions a couple times and it's never been that way before. At this rate, no one will want to vote more than once!

Prince Fielder had to hang it up today at the age of 32. His second major neck surgery strikes him down in the middle of his career and halfway through his mega contract. It runs through 2020 and he'll still collect a bit over 100 million. With A-Rod retiring Friday and a year left and no production those 9 and 10 year contracts don't look so good.

The Manson murders happened 47 years ago today. I was watching part of the mini-series from the 70's on the events. Most people don't remember anymore that it took a few months to figure out who did it.

Another news conference and another idiotic statement from Trump. He always starts out on stuff that he knows isn't true by prefacing something with "some people say." He never once says who these people are which is a cowards way of saying something. So, I'll say this. Some people say that you're a bigoted manchild who acts like a complete moron and only cares about yourself. And I'm one of those people Donny!


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