Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Tony Bennett Turns 90

Tony Bennett turns 90 and the guy is still singing strong. He comes to town every once in a while and I'm going to see him. I had a chance to see Sinatra's last concert in Chicago but somthing else came up so I said next time. Well, next time never came!

Krissy and I did lunch at Hooligan's and hung out at the Tiki Bar at Bradford Beach for the afternoon. About a 5 mile walk after we finished.

We're catching up on the new Cameron Crowe show called Roadies. A brilliant show starring Luke Wilson about life of concert roadies. Very well written like all Cameron Crowe shows.

I saw a short documentary from the last year of Trump speeches at various cities. It is the most disgusting vile collection of political supporters that I have ever seen. Anybody voting for this guy should be mentally examined because this guy isn't from the country that I live in!


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