Saturday, August 13, 2016

You Talking To Me

Travis Bickle Trump had a nice ring to it. Robert DeNiro recently compared Trump to the mentally unstable character he played in Taxi Driver. Except he says Travis Bickle wasn't nearly as unhinged than Donny Boy!

A hot and humid day today. Coco and I played some soccer and we were pretty wiped out at the end.

Fidel Castro turns 90 today. All those assassination attempts on his life and the old geezer is going fairly strong still. He might make it another ten years. It must be the Cuban cigars and the high quality rum!

Krissy and I are headed out to Brady Street for a few hours. It looks kind of loud out there already.

The Cubs finally lost a game ending their 11 game winning streak. Time to start another win streak tomorrow!


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