Sunday, December 14, 2014

Brown Bottle Pub

What a great night last night. Krissy and I went to dinner with John and Angela at the recently re-opened Brown Bottle Pub. From 1938 till 2004 it was a legendary bar and restaurant at the old Schlitz Brewery. The walls are aligned with famous old movie stars who ate or drank there back in the day. I especially liked the ones of Lucy and Desi Arnaz!

It reopened last month and it pretty much remains intact. I used to go there when I first moved to town and still have a shirt that I bought there. A big kudos to Tony Keller for a great evening. He also happens to be an old softball buddy of John's. We'll definitely be back and make it a standard hangout for years to come!

After that we headed over to Bar Louie's to watch 5 Card Stud play. They put on a great show once again!

We drove thru downtown this evening and Red Arrow Park was packed with ice skaters.

I saw an incredible site on the news this morning. The Grand Canyon was full of fog. It looked trapped like it couldn't get out. I love the fog. We seldom get very much thick fog but when it does I'll go out walking in it for hours.


John, Myself and Tony 
Beer Barrel Hand Rail
Two Buck Tappers

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