Saturday, December 6, 2014


Another 30 plus degree day on the Eastside with Festivus going on tonight. There's been a bunch of Santa sightings so far today and they've been riding bikes around the city. We even saw two of them on a tandem.

We have a holiday party tonight at Michelle and Gary's. We ran out to the liquor store for the booze exchange already.

Received our WE Energies bill today. Our usage was done last month 33% from the previous November which was warmer by a lot. Yet our bill was up 40% due to the generous rate hike the state allowed them. That's what happens when you give big donations to the right party. All of them a bunch of crooks to the bone!

We found a Chuck E Cheese lunch box in Coco's room while cleaning today. Everybody was content to give it away till I looked online and saw one going for 22 bucks. Collectibles are my middle name!

Filming starts monday for Spectre starring Daniel Craig. Thats right, James Bond will be back next November with Sam Mendes directing once again and I'll be in attendance with a posse on opening night. I wouldn't mind Adele taking another stab at the title song again neither. Bond, James Bond!


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