Monday, December 1, 2014

Beer Butt Chicken

The temperature really took a nosedive today. I almost froze my face off when I was running. It's supposed to warm up tomorrow though.

The sunday shoe shopping was indeed a fiasco. What should have took 20 minutes took an hour. Coco found a great pair of Nike Jordan's and that was the easy part. I kept bumping into people as I was picking out and trying on running shoes.

It was my first purchase of running shoes in about 20 years. When I ran for Team Etonic I received 2 huge shipments of shoes and sweats a year. I still have some but I really needed a pair of well cushioned shoes.

Some people are really upset at 5 St. Louis Ram football players for their silent hands up gesture. One person had the audacity to say it ruined the american tradition of football. Last time I looked the United States Constitution was a slightly bigger "tradition" than a football game!

Krissy made a beer butt chicken in the oven yesterday. I've only had them on the grill before but this one was perfect. The only hard part was getting the beer can out of his butt after it was done. Indeed it was a 2 person job!


Beer Butt Chicken
Coco's Shoes
My New Shoes

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