Friday, December 19, 2014

Bud Selig's Sweet Deal

Bud Selig goes into retirement next month and the baseball rumor mill has him making 6 million bucks a year as a pseudo pension. What a sweet deal for him. Nobody is in an uproar about this but if he would have been a state worker making a tiny fraction of that people would be bad mouthing him for sure.

Last year at this time we had quite a bit of snow. Nothing in site so far as the early season snow has melted.

There's a protest going on tonight in Milwaukee over the Red Arrow Park shooting last spring. Traffic was bottled up for a while but it looks like it's clearing up.

Krissy and I stopped at the grocery store in the early evening. We used a self service scanner. It malfunctioned so many times that a worker had to help us numerous times. The full service lane would have been so much faster!

I keep seeing two big misconceptions about Cuba in the news. One, that it's an impoverished Caribbean nation. If anyone has travelled thru the Caribbean almost all of those nations are poor. Cuba has it better than Jamaica in my opinion with a pretty decent health care system as opposed to the Jamaican medicine man that I met in Negril.

Secondly, it is assumed that everyone hates Castro. Actually he seems liked by quite a few and at least respected. Unlike most politicians who send soldiers out to die from behind a cozy desk, Castro climbed thru the jungles and fought Batista on the frontlines in hand to hand combat. I don't agree with him but he did walk the walk. Could you even imagine Dick Cheney ever doing that?

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