Monday, December 29, 2014

Recovery Road

Wow, I have to get out of my sick bed and at least write something. My guest blogger was just too good!

They say the temperature is dropping but I wouldn't know. I haven't been outside since friday night. I'm starting to feel better though although I'm sore everywhere.

I didn't even get to enjoy football yesterday as I was laying on the bathroom floor for most of it. This strain of flu is something else. I haven't been this sick in 25 years.

The Bears at least made some progress by firing both the head coach and the general manager. Sometimes you need to know when to throw in the towel and just start over. Today was the beginning of that process for the Chicago Bears.

I did see an interesting Joan Crawford movie today called Flamingo Road. She actually comes off as quite likeable in the movie.

Off to bed again and to ply myself with some more liquids. Tomorrow has to be better. I hope!


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