Thursday, December 4, 2014

Key West Rum

Not a bad day with temps in the 30's. Coco went to school today and he has his first basketball game of the season tomorrow night!

Rumor has it that it might be a timing belt problem versus the starter on the Ford Escape.

Krissy is making shrimp scampi for dinner. She  does it so well. Only enough lettuce for one so guess who doesn't get a salad tonight?

We don't get the NFL Network anymore so I'm heading over to John's tonight to watch the game. Hopefully the Bears don't embarrass themselves. I'll actually run over carrying some beer and run back after the game after consuming some beer. I have a triathlon to get ready for!

The Key West First Legal Distilling company is having a party tomorrow night. They are celebrating the 81st anniversary of prohibition being revoked. It's a fairly new company and so far you can only buy the rum in South Florida. Another reason to visit soon!


Towed Away

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