Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Cluster Headache

It's been a lost day. I've had a cluster headache all day and it won't go away. The temps remain in the high 30's and I'm stuck inside.

Krissy made it back from Illinois. Now's she stuck with me tonight for entertainment.

I did manage a couple of old favorite movies on cable including Vacation and Ocean's 12. Plus I had chinese food twice more today.

Krissy is looking at lawn improvement stuff already. It's going to be fun topping last year's yard. More lights, a fountain and who knows what.

The last regular week of football is tomorrow. Finally time to put the Bears out of their misery. I'll still watch it until the bloody end.

Hopefully I'll be better tomorrow. We have a Groupon for brunch at the Upper 90. Going back to bed now. Have a better weekend than me!


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