Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Stock Predictions Were Good

On this balmy 13 degree day I thought I would recap my January 1st stock picks. Seven out of my 11 picks were good including the Dow hitting 18,000. Four of my winners really exceeded my expectations by quite a bit including X, MU, AA and JBLU. They were large picks to start with so I'm very proud of them.

My 4 misses weren't horrific and  I just missed with C which hit 56.95 after I predicted 58.00. I'll make next year's picks on the first for 2015.

A chilly day but at least I'm feeling better. It's supposed to go back to upper 30's later this week. I'm still very pleased that I'm not doing any snow removal yet!

The football playoffs start but for some of us it's more interesting following the coaching rumor mill. If the Bears don't hire good replacements it could be another decade of insignificance,

Looks like NYE dinner at Bosley's if our health is up to the daunting task. Krissy has been in bed all day trying to get better. If I was a betting man, I'd say we make it tomorrow!


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