Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Beatles In Milwaukee

There was an interesting documentary on the Beatles concert in Milwaukee just over 50 years ago. They played at the Mecca arena which is where the UWM Panthers now play basketball. The highest concert ticket was priced at 4 bucks and was attended by mostly young girls. The hotel they stayed at is now a Marquette dorm. The people that were interviewed still remember it as one of the greatest days of their lives!

The weather is still hitting the high 30's but the wind whipping off the lake is making it chilly.

It looks like Jeb Bush is close to announcing that he's indeed running for President. I still like his father so much.

Sons of Anarchy is auctioning off everything from their set. Motorcycles, vests and even the Airstream that Unser lived in. The beginning bids aren't outrageous but I'm sure the bikes will get bid up pretty good.

Oil is at 55 bucks a barrel. I never thought we would hit that again. The oil company stocks are way down which is dragging down some of the indexes. Between falling oil, sanctions and the falling ruble, the wealthy are taking it in the shorts in Russia. It's keeping Putin fairly quiet also!


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