Sunday, November 30, 2014

Hurricane Season Ends

Yesterday was the warmest day in a few weeks. We spent most of it in the car but had a great time at the family gathering!

My brother in-law Joe made some pork on his smoker and it was tremendous. He also did great in the cocktail department!

The big Packers game is coming on soon so Krissy is making a whole chicken with a new recipe and drinking a mimosa!

Today marks the official end of hurricane season. Florida as a whole can take a deep breathe and Key West hasn't been hit since 2005. Hopefully they are celebrating in style on Duval Street. Well done my friends!


Palm Tree With A Bow
At Wolski's
My Dad
Deanna and Sarah

Niki and Mary
Andy And His Dad
Nieces In The Food Line
Joe And Me

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