Friday, November 28, 2014

The Rush Begins

A few snow flurries this morning but the 20 plus degree weather is holding steady.

Get well wishes to Pele. He's in intensive care in the hospital but reportedly getting better. He retired in 1977 but most people consider him to be the greatest soccer player of all time!

Krissy has a new hobby. She uses photo editor on pictures to make them whackier than they already are. She has some interesting stuff!

A new poll shows that the majority of people feel the economy is now getting better. It's been a long time to see a poll of this magnitude. It's no coincidence that it correlates with lower gas prices. We filled up yesterday and one can definitely notice the bottom line difference.

Many people are out banging it out with one another in various store lines. Not us. There's always a deal out there somewhere so we won't fight the crowds. We will however start an early happy hour at our favorite mexican joint!

John Wilson and Fonzie

Don't Ask
More Drilling

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