Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Armistice Day

It started off as a wet November morning. Then the temperature dropped and we have some snow flurries.

I was up early to take Coco to 6:30am basketball practice. I get less sleep now than when I was in school.

Matt Damon is coming back with another Jason Bourne movie. He bowed out of the last one and this one won't be released until 2016. Maybe he misses the giant paycheck. The series has been a huge financial success including the books which came out well before the movies.

Speaking of money, NFL quarterback Carson Palmer has impeccable timing. He signed a 50 million dollar contract last friday and suffered a knee injury sunday which will keep him out for the season.

Today is the 95th anniversary of Armistice which was between the Allies of World War 1 and Germany. It was the war that was supposed to be the war of all wars and end any future wars. Maybe the worst prediction in the history of the world!

Anyway, it's always nice on days like this to remember the veterans. In 20 years the VA will be so overwhelmed due to all these recent wars that benefits will suffer I'm afraid.

Stay dry!


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