Monday, November 24, 2014

Wrigley Field For Sale

We're in the midst of a slush storm. I'm going running in a few minutes so this shall be fun. We have 40's in the forecast for next week.

We are stopping at Nike Outlet in Kenosha on saturday on our way to Illinois. Getting Coco some new basketball shoes and I'm scoping out running shoes.

No word yet on the Jon Lester sweepstakes. I'm still clinging to hope that he chooses the Cubs!

Chuck Hagel resigned as Defense Secretary today. He was terrible at his confirmation hearings so this shouldn't be a big surprise.

Krissy is torturing me with that Kardashian program. One of them was just whining that they have no where to host a birthday party because their mansion is still under construction. They just might be the most terrible people on the face of this earth!

Just in time for the holidays you can get a piece of Wrigley Field. It's currently under renovations. I'd be interested in an outfield wall brick myself but they are trying to reuse most of them. The site is Grab a piece of history!


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