Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ronnie "Woo Woo" Wickers

Another below average temperature day but at least no snow. The poor people in Buffalo and upstate Wisconsin are getting killed with even more snow.

Legendary director Mike Nichols passed away. He was married to Diane Sawyer for 26 years. He directed The Graduate and one of my personal favorites Silkwood.

Jim Webb announced that he is forming a committee to run for President which means basically that he is. Don't count him out. He's well spoken, a noted author, Senator and a former Navy Secretary.

There's plans to have a bobblehead museum in Milwaukee. They need $250,000 to get it started. So far they have just under $400 raised. I don't think the groundbreaking is anytime soon!

Speaking of bobbleheads, notorious legendary Chicago Cub fan Ronnie Woo Woo Wickers is getting his own bobblehead. Ronnie yells woo woo in various dialects from throughout the outfield bleachers.

 I first met Ronnie in 1981 in the right field bleachers. He is very loud trust me. Bill Buckner once turned around from first base and waved at Ronnie so he would just shut up. This bobblehead is special. It actually has a press button that says "woo woo" when pressed. Congrats Ronnie. You're a loyal fan whom I've always enjoyed talking to!


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