Tuesday, November 25, 2014

DOW Prediction Close

A snowless day in the mid 20's. I've still have to go running. The weekdays are getting tough especially when it's dark so early.

George Eads is leaving CSI after this season. He was one of the original cast members when it premiered. It's still a great show and basing it out of Las Vegas was one of the greatest ideas in the history of television!

Derrick Rose came back for the Bulls last night and they won. Caution with this great point guard at the beginning of the season will payoff come playoff time.

Krissy and Coco put some Christmas solar lights on the front bushes. She wants to leave them up year round. By the time we get done buying solar lights we won't need electricity. The property is starting to resemble a helicopter launch pad!

At the beginning of the year I predicted the DOW would hit 18,000 and I meant it. I quickly soured on that prediction with all the world conflicts particularly the Putin/Ukraine situation. With gas prices down and GDP up, I'm within 200 points. Go DOW!


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