Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Tiger In Paris

A cold windy day in the 20's with a bit of flurries. It made for a cold run today. Nobody is used to it yet. October was above average temperature wise and even had an 80 degree day the first week.

I had an early morning breakfast at St. Marcus this morning.  I was hanging around Coco and four of his buddies. Afterwards we were supposed to be playing a question game. We had an arm wrestling contest instead. It got kind of loud and a teacher came over to break it up. Oh well, at least I won!

Don't miss the Bulls-Raptors NBA game tonight. The Raptors have only lost one game and are undefeated at home.

It was a rough day at the local post office I guess. Our delivery woman made three different trips to our mailbox with mail.

ISIS has announced that they will have their own currency using gold,silver and copper. Even they don't think Bitcoin is a good idea apparently.

Five miles from Disneyland Paris there's a 150 pound tiger on the loose roaming the suburbs. There's a tiger hunt going on as we speak and no one is claiming responsibility for the little guy. Come on, this is France. Who lost their tiger?


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