Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Where Did Decency Go

We woke up to 21 degrees today. The next week looks cold and winter has come up on us once again.

The Key West Film Festival is this week. It runs from the 12th thru the 16th. They even have bands at their film festivals. Probably from up north trying to get away from this weather.

The Bears cut seldom used wide receiver Santonio Holmes. That should solve all their problems now and send them on a winning streak. At this point a streak would consist of one win and not giving up fifty points! I've been listening to Chicago sports radio. Last time fans went this berserk they fired Dave Wannstedt. This current coach is well on his way to getting his walking papers.

Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down. In a few short years we will have an even bigger wall on our southern borders. Much more expensive also and if it's not manned with a soldier every 50 yards it won't change a thing. The next step will be for small drones to fly people over the high expensive wall.

Good news in Wisconsin. New laws are coming where it will be perfectly legal to kick a human being while they are down. They also get to pay for  that privilege. If a corporate giant has layoffs those who apply for unemployment insurance get to take a drug test and they have to pay for it at their own cost. Assumed guilty until you prove otherwise. It's the new American way. It's a sin to be poor now. Where did common sense and decency go?


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