Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Day After

Another nice November day. I did a lot of walking around town with errands including going to a basketball meeting. Coco has tryouts next week.

T. Boone Pickens has been complaining forever that we don't drill for enough oil in the United States. Now he says we need to slow down drilling because there's too much drilling bringing the price down and he isn't making enough money. The man is 86 and a billionaire. Quit bitching PRINCESS you can't take it with you!

Free agency is starting up in baseball next week. Hopefully the Cubs will get a top notch pitcher like Jon Lester.

John and Angela are out west in Arizona on their annual trek. Fly safe we'll see you soon.

The election is finally over. It looks like Mitch McConnell will have to wake up from his six year old nap and actually do something. Don't bet on this Congress doing much better than the last one. Although staying in double digit approval ratings would actually be a step up.

The race for 2016 might as well start now. What else can all these news pundits do!


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