Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Frozen River

People are out and about everywhere enjoying the warm weather. It's only in the 40's but people are acting like it's the first warm day of spring.

Kind of a slow day. Grocery shopping and tacos for dinner.

Krissy and Coco are putting up Christmas decorations as I write. They both like doing that. I never have, not even as a kid. I'll just troll on the internet until they finish. I have a Red Stripe beer keeping me company!

Key West has an unsecured wireless network now in Old Town. The other sections of the island will have it later on by next year. Milwaukee had plans to do that at one time but it fell thru.

The Bulls are having a rough go out west losing to Portland last night. Three players sat out including Pau Gasol and Derrick Rose. Now Taj Gibson will be out awhile as he severely sprained his ankle. It's a deep team and it's still early so no worries.

I went running and took the walking bridge over the Milwaukee River. It's still frozen. I don't remember it ever being frozen in November!


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