Saturday, November 1, 2014

Clock Changing Time Again

Well it was a bit warmer today and we ventured to Home Depot to buy some blinds for Coco's room. I put them up myself for the most part.

We're heading to John and Angela's tonight with the dog to see their puggles. This should be interesting.

I'm getting ready to go back into running today. Both my legs feel healed just in time for the cold.

Nik Wallenda is doing a high wire act tomorrow in Chicago. He'll be going over the river. I need to see if that's televised.

Richard Branson's spaceship blew up on a test flight. No word on if any of the famous stars who booked flights already are having second thoughts.

We made appearances at Hosed On Brady and the Standard Tavern last night. Plenty of great costumes. I can't upload Coco and Simone's photos for some reason so I'll post them tomorrow.

Don't forget the clocks tonight. An extra hour of bar time for the hardcore tonight!


Standard Tavern
Chloe and Kristin
Bear At The Hosed

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