Monday, November 17, 2014

Ten Degrees Yikes

It was a cold run today that's for sure. It doesn't warm up much until saturday. That May triathlon seems like years away right now.

Coco woke up sick this morning. Always good to make it healthy thru the weekend though. His sister is sick also.

Donald Trump stated this morning that he might possibly run for President in 2016. He's been saying that every election since 1987. It's getting old but it's a free country and there's plenty of room on the clown car for him. I imagine they might even let him drive a bit.

Bono Vox is having a rough week. First a door implodes on a lear jet that he was traveling on and he lost his luggage at 30,000 feet. Then he goes for a bike ride in Central Park and breaks an arm that requires surgery. He's one of my all time favorite people and I hope he gets back on track. The guy is a legendary humanitarian!

Krissy picked up a beef tenderloin for dinner. I entertained the thought of grilling it before I came to my senses. The oven will be just fine and I'll pan fry the edges in my cast iron pan!


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