Saturday, November 29, 2014

Nike Outlet Day

It's warming up a bit today and looks good for the next couple days. We're heading to Illinois today for dinner at my sister Cindy's in Naperville. Krissy is making her world famous green bean casserole!

Last night was a good night. We had fancy tacos at Bel Air then headed over to the legendary Wolski's Tavern. Some Boston fans were there and they are heading up to Green Bay for the big game tomorrow.

Mickey Rourke quit boxing 20 years ago. But at the age of 62 he won a boxing match last night. He's planning a few more also. I wish he would do a few more movies. The Miami native always stayed local and never went to Hollywood. White Sands is one of my favorite movies!

The first Ebola test vaccines are having positive results. All the gloom and doom panic sayers should be ashamed of themselves. There's no more cases in the United States. It's amazing how science and doctors know what they are talking about although I never doubted them.

Oil is around 67 bucks a barrel. Drillers and energy stocks are taking a pretty good hit. Don't feel sorry for the manipulators and speculators. They did alright for themselves for a long streak at the expense of the middle class.

We'll be stopping at Nike Outlet on the way to Illinois today. I promised Coco a brand new pair of basketball shoes. With making high honor roll it's a promise I'm delighted to keep!


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