Sunday, November 23, 2014

Level Shelves

Another nice November day. It sure makes running easier than fighting a slippery sidewalk in 10 degree winds. There's plenty of that ahead for me.

A happy birthday to my Dad and Angela. I'll be polite and not mention anybody's age.

Coco sang in church today with his class. A very nice job and the service started with a wonderful video that I need to find. It was like a rock star quality short that you would find at a U2 concert.

The Bears won their second game in a row. A win on Thanksgiving keeps their chances alive but basically they need to win out.

Krissy went to Home Depot today which is always dangerous. We hung up a shelf in her changing room which used to be my office in another lifetime.

 Anyway, it was supposed to be a 15 minute project. Of course, if you want anything remotely level automatically add another hour to the task!


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