Sunday, November 9, 2014

Someone Won't Be Happy

A decent November day. There's a Pacific Ocean typhoon that will be bringing a cold streak to the Midwest next week.

A big welcome to Belarus as they become the 28th country to visit the blog!

Krissy made one of the all time great flans last night. Coco and I love flan. Krissy not so much. Interesting for someone to make something great but not like it that much. That's hard to do.

I've been cooking and washing dishes all day myself. Little man has been eating me out of house and home today!

We tried the Little Caesars pretzel crust pizza for the pre-game dinner tonight. Not too bad. A little different having cheddar on it.

There was a cool motorcycle with a sidecar parked in front of our house today. Krissy believes it's a Russian model.

The Bears play the Packers tonight. The Packers should be heavily favored. I'm the Bears fan and Krissy the Packers fan. Someone will be going to bed unhappy tonight! Go Bears!!!!!


The Russian Bike
Love It

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