Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Flurries

We woke up to 34 degrees and the snow flurries followed a bit later. The wind gusts are huge. Unfortunately, the weather guys were spot on.

It's the Bulls versus Cleveland and LeBron James tonight. I can't wait to catch at least some of it.

Unknown drones have come very close to French nuclear sites the last few weeks. They were big enough to carry explosives. I still can't believe these things are legal. There's no better way to attack something than with a drone.

John Spinello the man who invented the game Operation needs one himself. A special fund was set up by other gamers and raised the necessary funds. Most people assume that Spinello is wealthy but he was a very young man when he invented the game and he sold it for a mere $500. He hasn't received a cent for it since.

Delta Airlines and Silver Airways have added a bunch of flights to Key West. I'm still baffled that some airlines pulled out of there.

We're heading out in the cold to people watch tonight. Be safe!


Halloween Moons
Roughing It In Mexico

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