Sunday, October 26, 2014

Punch Me In The Head Again Please

Wow, another warm October day. Krissy had a bright idea. Let's take our house guest of a dog Chloe for a long walk so she would be tired for the football game and just sleep. Ya, didn't work despite an hour and a half walk!

We went down the river trail by the Milwaukee River and came back on the bike trail. I'm tired though.

Krissy spent the afternoon baking stuff for a bake sale. Directions be damned apparently. If she's missing an ingredient she'll just substitute something or go completely without it. Timers, forget about it. Somehow it actually comes out okay.

I actually sat and suffered thru the entire Bears game. Just ridiculous how bad they are playing. They have so many good players. They have a bye week next sunday so maybe I'll get some inner peace next weekend. In the meantime, I'm calling for the immediate firing of the defensive coordinator. I can't keep beating myself up like this anymore on sundays!


River Trail Sign

Conservatory Tower

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