Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Carolina Blues

A cold windy typical October day. Coco and I were up early for a running workout and Krissy made the first crock pot creation of the fall. It won't be long before I buy Coco Wheats and bring them back in season.

We had a great time at Michelle and Gary's last night. Pizza and casual beers while we caught up on the kid's sports season.

It was a slow morning waiting for football. I watched a documentary on how 65% of the world's cork comes from Portugal. The cork trees are basically skinned every 9 years for the cork and it grows back. It was actually more interesting than it sounds.

Somehow, the Bears gave away the game to the Carolina Panthers today. I'm still in disbelief. They were up by 14 points at one point but a missed field goal changed momentum and they never got it back. It actually has me down a bit that it's starting to ruin my night. Maybe a Corona will help.

I'm at 25,000 words so far in my book. I think I'll write a chapter and try to forget that lousy game!


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