Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Goodbye Creeky

A sunny 60 degree day. I picked up Coco from school and we did our favorite hill workout. He's looking really good. Can't wait for saturday's race.

The Secret Service Director resigned today. Probably a good idea. She didn't do well at her hearing and it's hard to have any confidence in her. The people under her at the White House performed poorly and someone has to pay the price. It could be worse, she could be coaching the Oakland Raiders. She did make it slightly longer on the job than the guy they just canned.

I read today where Henry Kissinger had plans drawn up to attack Cuba in 1976.  I guess he didn't want to leave anyone out.

The baseball playoffs are under way. I'm already looking forward to next season as the Cubs will be division contenders next year. You heard it here first. All those young guys can play. The actually finished over .500 the last two months of the season and had a better record than the Brewers!

The Packers have a short week and play Thursday Night Football this week. It's going to be packed in our neighborhood!

Creeky the Clown passed away today. He was the oldest clown in the United States. This moves several members of Congress to the top of the list!


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