Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Cold and windy today just like I expected. Tomorrow looks better. We were up early for cross country practice today. An excellent workout had by all. Coco put in an afternoon practice after school also. We're hoping this big week will pay off for the big races in a couple weeks.

I saw an interesting documentary on Agatha Christie in the midst of my busy day. She's actually the third most read writer of all time. Only the Bible and Shakespeare are ahead of her. Not too shabby. She was ahead of her time. They read a short story that she wrote when she was ten years old. It sounded like a 40 year old Pulitzer Prize winner! She was that good at such an early age.

Also caught a small piece on Michelangelo. He painted the Sistine Chapel in a mere 4 years. It took 12 years to clean it real good almost 500 years later. He actually lived until he was 88 years old which was unheard of in those days!

Ebay is spinning off it's Paypal division. The stock gained 6% today as Wall Street loved the move. It certainly is popular as Coco has his own Ebay account. Recently, he found a Cadillac hubcap on the side of the road. The bid is up to 52 bucks with a few days left to go.  I just hope it doesn't go much higher. Otherwise, he might get some bright ideas and start heisting them off the wheels!


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