Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thursday Morning Fights

Another gorgeous 70 degree sunny day. The forecast has the same thing for the next week so I'll just do some copy and paste for my first sentence for the time being!

Yes, another busy day starting off with a massive fight  before the 7am hour. Coco and I were at school stretching out a bit before cross country practice when two women started fighting in the middle of the street. Like mixed martial arts fighting. It was brutal and two women who tried to break it up made it four women fighting. A very noble and brave male teacher broke up the fight before we could make it around the fence to help. 

I thought the melee was history until a police officer called me for a witness statement. As a former private investigator I gave a very good recall of the incident right down to the navy blue dress and high heeled shoes the victim getting pummeled was wearing. Oh well, one of those days. 

Jim and Joanne came over tonight for dinner and Jim worked on some flashing repairs for our back patio. Thanks so much Jim. It's always something when you have a house that was built when a gentleman named Grant was President of this country. Depending on what title paperwork one looks at, the house was built in 1870 or 1875.

Received an email from my great high school buddy Tom to touch base on cross country. My son is running in fifth grade and his youngest is a sophomore in high school and in the middle of an up and coming season. He's 6'2 and 155 already with a sweet stride. Tom was a late bloomer in the growing department so it's scary to think how big Michael might get. Anyway, I'm grateful for the pics he sent my way. Good times when I think of Tom. We started fifth grade together and graduated high school together on some great teams. Some great times I can't mention in print. Cole and I need a road trip so whenever Michael makes it to a State Meet in Illinois, we'll be coming down Tom. Bank on that my friend!


Michael Schnell
Michael and Tom

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