Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Roosevelt's On PBS

We woke up to a rain storm this morning but it cleared up nicely. Once I arrived at the race in New Berlin it was still nice. Then the clouds rolled it and dropped 25 degrees with a slight rain. 

Coco handled the weather well for his race but got out a bit slow and pinned on a narrow trail. He moved up throughout the race to finish 55th. It's a learning process and he's having a lot of fun. The competition is much better than I anticipated.

Apple has new phones and the much talked about watch coming out. I'll have to check into the watch as it sounds interesting. It took a long time to finally make it's debut.

Congrats to Bill Gates for pledging 50 million bucks to fight Ebola instead of planting his last name on anything that moves. A true humanitarian.

PBS has a new documentary coming out on the Roosevelt's. It's a 7 night 14 hour flick that starts on the 14th. It's the latest from Ken Burns and I'm sure it will be good like his others. Gotta run now for a late dinner.


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