Saturday, September 13, 2014

Trail of Tears

It's slightly warmer today but not by much. Thursday and Friday set records for the coldest highs in Milwaukee and Madison. It's supposed to warm up next week. Krissy went out with the girls and I'm staying home to write.

The Bears and 49er's play tomorrow in San Francisco. The Bears are all banged up and some key players are questionable. I still think the Bears score more points than last week but need to be on the receiving end of some turnovers.

I was going to post some more pictures today but my email isn't working. It's always something.

I saw an interesting documentary today on President Andrew Jackson. To this day, some native americans refuse to use the twenty dollar bill with his likeness on it. Jackson was the key mover with the Indian Removal Act of 1830 which sent thousands of Indians out west of the Mississippi River.

It was known as the Trail of Tears. Thousands died, some while shackled as they made the trek west. It was a sad time in our country's history. When we aren't in some perpetual war we do stuff like this. All the Indian Casino's in the world won't make up for such a tragedy.

I'm going to fix some dinner and take a hot shower. Be safe this saturday night please!


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