Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Beatles In Key West

It was a beautiful day today. I ran some errands this morning after a good cross country practice with Coco. My dad called, he's getting out of the hospital tomorrow it looks like. Not bad for a major surgery. In the old days he'd be there for at least a week!

Bad News Marvin Barnes passed away yesterday. He was truly professional basketball's first bad boy. The Pistons of the 80's had nothing on this guy. When he wasn't in trouble he was a heck of a player. Hopefully, he found some peace in his life.

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson has been hosting town hall meetings letting people know that boots on the ground could be necessary to beat the terrorists known as ISIS. It's always the guys that have never been shot at that want others to go get shot at. This man is a total disgrace to this state. ISIS is roughly 10,000 strong and drive around the desert in souped up SUV'S shooting used machine guys that were originally ours at one time.

If our intelligence and military is truly that great, then drones and airstrikes should beat these guys. If Johnson wants more Americans in harm's way, then let that gutless wonder sign up his kids. You sir, are also a fool! 

Sons of Anarchy premieres tonight. I know one thing for sure. It won't disappoint it's fans.

It was 50 years ago this week that the Beatles made an unplanned visit to Key West. They were enroute to Jacksonville when a major storm diverted them to Key West at 3am. They checked into the old Key Wester which is now the Hyatt resort. They even played at the bar for hours and rumor has it that one of them saw the Porcelain God. My bet would be on Ringo!


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