Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Kyle Fuller Era Starts

A sunny dry day but it sure feels like late October in the early morning. Coco is still battling some lung problems so didn't make cross country practice this morning. I strained my hamstring again so he didn't have to watch me hobble around.

He has a race tomorrow. Not sure how that will go but he ran a little bit tonight and he looked okay.

Nobody in the Middle East has stepped up to the plate very much to help us fight ISIS. Why should they? We've always done most or all of the fighting for them. They are used to it and they don't like dying. If someone constantly takes your place for the dirty work they just accept it.

Political campaign calls keep coming to my cell phone and to our landline a dozen times a day now. I just ignore them and we don't even use our landline nor have an answering machine for it. It came as part of a package and we just use it for emergency out calls. So far we've had none and I don't have any idea what the landline number even is.

Chicago Bear cornerback Charles Tillman is officially done for the season and possibly his career. Rookie first round pick Kyle Fuller stepped into his position and came away with two impressive interceptions in the fourth quarter. He looks like the real deal. It wouldn't be the first time a star was born in the NFL from somebody elses injury. He was certainly a humble and impressive young man in his post game interview. Now, just keep it real for your whole career. The fans are tired of the Richard Sherman's of the league that's for sure!


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