Sunday, September 21, 2014

Cedarburg Wine And Harvest Festival

An overcast day with some sporadic rain. Not enough to keep me from grilling though! We cooked a gorgeous pork roast and found some great end of the season sweet corn.

The Packers lost today. A lot of sad people walking around this afternoon. My Bears play on Monday Night Football tomorrow against the Jets

Top Gun is coming out with a long talked about sequel next year. Jerry Bruckheimer has a rough draft script and Tom Cruise has signed on. The flight jacket that Kelly McGillis wore in Top Gun is in a glass case at Kelly's restaurant in Key West. She sold the restaurant but it kept her name.The food is great along with an excellent outdoor location.

A beer tasting cruise boat ran aground in lower Manhattan. Hopefully the Captain wasn't sampling the goods or that could be some professional trouble.

The Cedarburg Wine and Harvest Festival was a huge success yesterday. I couldn't believe how big it was. We actually saw some pumpkins over 1600 pounds. The food was fantastic. Nice job Cedarburg!


Look At Those Pumpkins
With Joanne
1600 Pounds
Jen and Dommy
Downtown Cedarburg

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