Friday, September 26, 2014

CNN Battle Coverage

Another glorious day just like yesterday.  I did notice a couple trees have changed leave colors and we have some starting to fall in the neighborhood.

The first thing I did upon waking up today was change the title of yesterday's blog. For some reason I thought it was wednesday but it was actually thursday!

Happy Hour tonight with Julie and Jason. I'll tidy up a bit as we'll probably start in the backyard.

You can start to feel the tension a bit in Milwaukee. It's the Bears-Packers game this sunday. Going to be a good one at Soldiers Field!

I got to watch a live battle courtesy of CNN today. Kurdish forces were taking it to ISIS on a group of ridges on the Syrian-Turkey border. In addition to television cameras there were a large group of spectators cheering on the Kurds. Almost like a football game actually.

This isn't a first in history. In fact, during the first big battle of the American Civil War, wagonloads of Americans packed picnic baskets and sat on a large hill to watch the battle.

The spectators I saw today seemed calm and relaxed, more so than many American football fans. I'm sure there's someone somewhere in America figuring out how to put this on pay per view!

Enjoy your happy hour!


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