Sunday, September 28, 2014

No Punts

Another gorgeous sunny day. The weather guys certainly predicted this streak right. They've been sketchy in the midwest all year.

Breaking News. John Wilson caught a fish up north. So much easier to do I guess when you put the beer down for a few minutes! Congrats John, I received the photo as proof and it's included in today's blog.

I saw a picture of George Clooney riding a boat down a Venice canal to his wedding. I have to give him credit. He certainly is a dashing fellow.

Oh the Bears game was absolutely terrible the second half. They moved the ball great all day at least. A couple of turnovers really hurt. There wasn't a single punt in the game. Thats a first since 1992. Neither defense could stop anything. Yes, they still get to cash their game check!


John Caught One


Grilling With Jenny

Homemade BBQ Sauce
Krissy and Jen
Waiting by the Grill
Krissy and Jen

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