Saturday, September 27, 2014

The King Tide Is Coming

Another sunny 70 plus degree day. It's probably been the best weather week of the entire year. Each day mirror's the previous day.

A busy morning running errands. Grocery shopping is never fun but at least they had some meat sales this week. We're grilling this afternoon and Krissy's sister Jen is coming over.

A busy day around the world but quiet for the most part in Milwaukee. Chelsea Clinton had a baby and George Clooney is getting married today. Tomorrow will be fun with the Bears-Packer game. It will be a very loud sunday afternoon, I guarantee that.

Congrats to Derek Jeter for a game winning hit in his final home at-bat as a New York Yankee. I'm not a Yankee fan but a great and classy player. A first ballot Hall of Famer for sure!

The King Tides are coming to the Florida Keys on October 8-9th. These are the highest of the high tides thus the King moniker. Apparently, the sun, moon and earth line up just right which increases the gravitational pull. Key West is mostly a flat island with an 18 foot peak in the middle of town near the cemetery. In an 1800's hurricane the only Key West survivors were the ones able to make it to what is now known as Solares Hill. It's truly a beautiful part of town which is home to one of the most famous cemeteries in the entire world. 

Have a safe saturday night!


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