Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Monday Night Football Turns 45

A beautiful fall day with sunshine and temps in the low 70's. Coco and I were up at 6am to make it to practice. He sure looked good today. For the record, he did keep awake last night into the third quarter of the game but only because he was finishing his ice cream!

Krissy will be home around 10pm tonight. Hopefully she'll have enough energy to stay up and watch The Blacklist tonight. She made an awesome beef roast last night with green beans. She's a keeper!

It was a busy day. Computer programs and getting my browser updated took up a good deal of the afternoon. I actually kept my cool though believe it or not.

What a game last night. The Bears won by 8 points but the Jets were driving at the end. Statistically the Jets had the better numbers but the final score doesn't lie. The Bears play the Packers this sunday and it will be intense. It's not easy being a Bears fan in Milwaukee and I'll just leave it at that.

Monday Night Football premiered in September of 1970 with three announcers. Famed College football announcer Keith Jackson, an irritable Howard Cosell and Dandy Don Meredith. I actually miss Cosell because he was a very intelligent analyst even though he had the personality of a mud puddle. The Jets lost to the Cleveland Browns on a late Joe Namath interception. Ironically, Cleveland area fans never got to see the game as they were subject to the NFL blackout rules in place at the time. Forty years later and Cleveland Brown fans are still having a rough go! But at least we still remember the great and legendary Jim Brown. He was a beast!


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