Monday, September 22, 2014

The Blacklist Returns

It's a sunny 64 degree day in Milwaukee and a slow day also. Maybe because it's monday but it just seems to be crawling along without much news. Sometimes no news is better than bad news I imagine!

I dropped Coco off at school this morning. A month into the school year and it looks like he borrowed his blazer from a homeless guy. All spotted up from lunch spills and wrinkled from him jamming it into his backpack at times. It's never going to make it thru a whole school year.

It's a big monday night football game for us Bears fans tonight. With the Packers losing yesterday, a win would put the Bears up a game in the division. To top it off, this sunday is a Bears-Packer game at Soldiers Field. I still think it's the greatest rivalry in sports and it should be a good one.

Tonight's game will be tough. The Bears have lost 5 starters already in this young season and the wide receivers are each playing on one leg due to injuries. Plus, it's in New York. Coco is coming over to watch it. I should start an over/under pool to see if he falls asleep before halftime or afterwards in the third quarter!

The second season of The Blacklist starts tonight. Because of the game we will tape it and watch it later. I think it's the most brilliant series to come out in a long time. Well written but the supporting cast is mediocre at times. Luckily, James Spader is outstanding and carries some of the episodes on his back. I've been a huge fan of his ever since I've seen him in such movies as Wall Street, True Colors and Storyville. At least it will be an entertaining night!


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