Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How Will The Scots Vote

A beautiful sunny 60 something degree day with little to no wind. A hugely competitive 34 team jr. high cross country meet. I've been impressed all season at how good some of these kids are.

Coco had bad cramps before the race but managed to make a pretty good showing.The lung and breathing issues were gone so now we just need to get on a nice streak for the next month.

The Marquette polls were released today. Shows the Wisconsin Governor race in a dead heat. This one will go to the wire if people run out and get the proper identification to vote. Many restrictions and student identifications aren't any good unless you provide proof that you are enrolled. That creates even more questions as to what that proof that would be exactly as schools issue you an identification once you're enrolled. Government just making it harder for the good people to vote. Many absentee votes will come in without identification and they won't be counted. No one cares about the elderly it seems.

The stock market hit an all time high today on the DOW as it crossed the 17,200 mark.

Scotland votes tomorrow on independence from Great Britain. I do not know of any Scottish people to get an opinion or perspective on this issue. Hopefully I'll get a Scottish reader to send me an email. In the mean time, I'll follow the story tomorrow and hope the majority get what they want.


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