Monday, September 29, 2014

Michelle Came To Town

The thermometer hit 81 today, only the 6th time all year that it's done that by the lake. The leaves are coming down in droves a bit early it seems. So, naturally I took a walk to Bradford Beach about 1pm to enjoy the weather. Just a little after 2pm a huge wind burst swung thru and the temps dropped 15 degrees in less than a minute. By the time I got home it had dropped to a whopping 57 degrees. I'm pretty sure that was the signal that the warm weather is done!

Octoberfest is this weekend down by the Old German Beer Hall on Old World Third Street. This is a German settled city and I'm sure the beer will be flowing pretty good!

Ben Carson the famed neurosurgeon who has declared his non-official candidacy for President in 2016 says that we might not even have an election in 2016 because the country could be deep in the throes of anarchy. The fearmonger needs to worry about his own brain before he touches anyone elses in the near future. There will be an election and yes, your name will not be on any ballot!

John Boehner thinks we should have an immigration bill but he doesn't want to debate it. Geez, for some silly reason I thought Congress debated the issues. No wonder they just sit on their ass all year. Despicable and the worst Speaker of the House in the history of this country.

Congrats to Bill Gates who has pledged 50 million bucks to fight the ebola virus. No window virus jokes please!

I went to pick up Krissy from work and was stuck in a bit of traffic. Michelle Obama was in town at the Wisconsin Center to campaign for Mary Burke in her run for Governor. Hopefully everyone has arranged for a photo identification for the election in Wisconsin. Don't wait until the last minute as the current Governor has closed quite a few of the DMV's. The rest are open two days a week. Service at it's finest in the Badger State!


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