Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Boss Turns 65

Another sun shiny day in the 70's. A busy day though. Everything under the sun popped up and I made a flurry of phone calls and texts today. All of them good for a change.

A big welcome and thank you to Romania as they become the 24th country to visit my blog. The support is much appreciated.

I heard on the television news today that scientists think they can have an Ebola vaccine by the end of the year. Hopefully that comes true as there's been way too much human suffering this year.

Ever wish you didn't see something? Unfortunately, I opened a news story link about Phil Spector today and saw his newest prison photo. It's going to take a long time to get that out of my head, yikes!

Coco ran a fantastic and smart race today. I had a good feeling he would after how sharp he looked at yesterday's practice. In fact, the top 3 runners on his team all listened and did well today. It must be the coaching!

Bruce Springsteen turned 65 today. Happy Birthday to the man they call The Boss. I've seen him in concert many a times. Nobody in the history of entertainment plays harder for their fans than this man. No one. Three and a half hour concerts are the norm. This man is truly a legendary american icon who will last the test of time. He's releasing a new box set and touring again in the near future and I'll get my tickets again for a fabulous show!


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