Saturday, October 25, 2014

Our October Surprise

We hit 68 degrees today but it might as well have been 88 the way everybody treated it. Nothing but pure sunshine and a beautiful month overall.

New readers in Mexico which makes it the 26th country to view the blog. Coco is working his action down there. Thanks son!

Kudos to Billionaire Paul Allen for donating 100 million greenbacks to fight Ebola. Those Microsoft boys keep fighting the good fight!

I was reading about a motorcycle company called Royal Enfield. They actually started making bikes down in India with British technology in 1899 which makes them older than Milwaukee's Harley Davidson. The Harley celebration in Milwaukee every 5 years is something everybody should experience. Royal Enfield actually is run now by an ex Harley executive and are trying to bring the Royal Enfield brand to the United States.

Hurricanes haven't hit the Florida Keys for 9 years now. That's quite a streak historically. There's a tropical depression down in the Yucatan that forecasters are keeping a close eye on. Let's keep that streak going!

Enjoy your saturday. I'm doing some grilling!


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