Thursday, October 30, 2014

Bring Those Palm Trees In

Another typical October day. But tomorrow we will be seeing lows in the upper 20's. Yep, we need to bring in those potted palm trees.

The Bulls crushed the New York Knicks last night in their season opener. Derrick Rose didn't even play the second half.

Rumors have it that Joe Maddon will be hired to manage the Chicago Cubs. They already have a manager but it's hard to bypass the best manager in baseball. It's kind of like having a good house painter doing some work then a guy named Salvador Dali says he's willing to do it for a similar cost!

No heartburn scheduled for this Sunday. The Bears have their bye week so I can put away those stomach pills.

It's been pretty much confirmed that a small piece of Amelia Earhart's plane has been recovered on an island called Nikumaroro. It's about 350 miles away from where they thought she went down. It's only a small piece of aluminum that was quickly built to cover a window and it certainly looks like a match from the photographs. They even have a sonar image which could be the plane 600 feet below the surface next to a reef. A submarine is poised to go down for a good look next June with a 24 day exhibition.

I texted with a friend down in Florida today. They aren't bringing their palm trees in!


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