Thursday, October 2, 2014

Iron Mike Ditka

What a great morning. Sixties with a slight clean breeze after a 3am thunderstorm. Up at 5:30 to get Krissy to spin class then to St. Marcus for cross country practice. Coco tore it up. Last weeks race and 4 great workouts in a row has his confidence super high. Should be a fun race this saturday!

More storms for tonight. They Packers are playing the Vikings tonight in Green Bay. Not sure who the rain favors more but the Packers should win since they don't have to stop Adrian Peterson.

Coco and I watched Survivor last night. So far, I don't seem to like any of the contestants. Former MLB player John Rocker is on the show trying to be someone else. It didn't work as someone recognized him. He was basically shown the door on his career because of some bigoted statements. The guy has a golden opportunity here to show people he's changed. So far it doesn't look too good as he still seems like a jerk but I'll give him another week or two.

Some people were criticizing Bears Coach Trestman for calling out Brandon Marshall for a wrong route. Apparently they don't remember or weren't around when Iron Mike Ditka used to go off on players for bad performances. If players didn't like it they were always free to walk out into the parking lot to settle it. Nobody ever took Ditka up on that challenge.

As a player, some fan once ran onto the field and Ditka tackled him so hard he was carted away. Ditka casually remarked that he didn't barge into other peoples offices so they shouldn't do it to him. They don't make them like Iron Mike anymore!


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